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Hosting an event is a great way to build community, raise money, and have a lot of fun!
We’re here to support you with everything you need to  organize, promote, and run your community event.

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  • Before we get you started, we need you to read and understand our Third Party Organized Fundraising Events Agreement below;
  • Thank you for selecting RAVEN as the beneficiary of financial support from your fundraising event. As a registered charity, RAVEN is required to abide by certain rules for fundraising, including fundraising by third parties. With increasing donor and regulatory interest in fundraising, it is important that RAVEN maintain high standards that are mission-driven and CRA approved for all fundraising events. This agreement sets out RAVEN's requirements for the conduct of your third-party fundraising event. Please read over this agreement carefully and indicate your acceptance by submitting the form below.


    “Event”​ means any fundraising program, event or project organized or carried out by the Event Organizer to raise funds for RAVEN. “You” a​nd ​“Your”​ refer to the Event Organizer. “Political Activity” ​has the same meaning as in the CRA's policies for registered charities, and includes directly endorsing or opposing a specific political candidate or party, or encouraging the public to support, oppose, or change a particular law, policy or decision of any Canadian or foreign government. For further details, please see CRA Policy Document CPS-022: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/chrts/plcy/cps/cps-022-eng.html#politicalactivities6-2


    1. Prior Approval Required.​ You will only conduct Events that RAVEN has approved in advance in writing. 2. Prohibited Conduct.​ You will not carry out any Events that: a. raise money on commission; b. involve or encourage behaviour that is contrary to RAVEN's mission and/or programmatic activities; c. create an annoyance or nuisance to the public; d. involve marketing or other elements that are misleading or deceptive, or that may be likely to mislead or deceive; e. involve or appear to involve Political Activity (see definition above); f. involve direct solicitation (including but not limited to door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing, or internet solicitation), unless RAVEN gives prior written approval for such solicitation; g. are non-exclusive, in the sense that they involve raising funds for multiple organizations as part of the same Event; or h. involve excessive costs relative to the amount of funds raised. As a general guideline, costs should not exceed 35% of total funds raised. 3. Compliance with Laws.​ In carrying out the Event, You will comply with all federal, provincial and local laws. This includes obtaining any necessary permits or licenses (such as liquor licenses), and complying with the strict restrictions and regulations that apply to the holding of raffles or similar games. a. You are also required to comply with all relevant privacy laws, including laws concerning the privacy of donors. You must ensure that any materials used to collect names, lists of persons or other personal information meet the following requirements: they must clearly state why and for what purposes this information is being collected; and they must inform the donor that he or she has the option of opting out. 4. Professional Fundraisers.​ If You hire a professional fundraiser or promotions person to promote, organize or carry out the Event, You must notify RAVEN immediately. You must also adhere to all relevant federal, provincial and municipal laws, and must ensure that the professional fundraiser or promotions person's compensation is not based on a commission or a percentage of funds raised. 5. Insurance.​ Unless RAVEN agrees otherwise in writing in advance, You must obtain sufficient insurance to cover any personal injury experienced by Your staff, volunteers, participants, or anyone else involved in the Event or related pre- or post-Event activities. 6. Use of Name and Logo.​ You agree not to use RAVEN's name or logo, or otherwise imply RAVEN's endorsement or support, except with RAVEN's express prior written consent. 7. Requests for RAVEN's Assistance.​ RAVEN will try to accommodate all requests for images, materials, representatives or speakers, but please note that this may not always be possible. Please give RAVEN at least four weeks notice if you would like a speaker from RAVEN to appear at the Event. 8. Supporting Corporations.​ If you intend to solicit support for the Event from any corporations or businesses, you must submit a list of those corporations and/or businesses to RAVEN in advance and will not contact those corporations or businesses without RAVEN's prior written approval. This is to avoid potential conflicts with sponsors and donors who may already be involved in other fundraising efforts benefiting RAVEN. RAVEN also has a corporate gift acceptance policy, and may be unable to accept donations from, or have any affiliations with, certain corporations. 9. Collection of Funds.​ You will collect funds raised through the Event via cash, money orders or cheques made out to RAVEN. 10.​ ​Tax Receipts. ​The CRA has strict rules and regulations concerning the issuance of tax receipts. You acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following standards in organizing the Event: a. If a tax receipting issue arises at an Event, you will contact RAVEN for approval before making any commitments; b. You will maintain records of all donors and/or sponsors requiring tax receipts. These records must include the following information: the donor/sponsor name, address, e-mail address, amount of donation, and value of the advantage received (if any); c. RAVEN is solely responsible for issuing tax receipts for donations made at the Event, and will only do so where such donations meet CRA guidelines for tax receipt eligibility; d. Any official donation receipt accrues to the original donor and not to You as a third party conveyor of the donation; e. Any advantage or benefit received by the donor (such as the value of a dinner or auction item) must be deducted from the amount of their donation for tax receipting purposes. You will ensure that donors are made aware of this and the fact that their receipt will only be for the amount allowable by the CRA (i.e. the difference between the donation and the advantage received); f. Donations of services, such as entertaining, hall rental, printing, etc are not eligible for tax receipts; g. Tax receipts may not be issued for auctions, raffles or draws; and h. Corporations that receive recognition at the event as part of a sponsorship arrangement may not qualify for a tax receipt. 11.​ ​Record Keeping.​ You will maintain adequate books and records in relation to the Event, including such information as the amount of funds raised, net proceeds, value of any advantage received by participants, and the donor information described previously. You agree to allow RAVEN to inspect these books and records on short notice upon request. 12.​ ​Photos.​ RAVEN appreciates it if you wish to provide photos of the Event to RAVEN for use on our website or in our publications. However, please note that RAVEN cannot use these photos unless certain requirements are met. Specifically, if any photos contain persons other than the Event Organizer, You must either obtain signed releases from each such person in the photos, or post appropriate disclaimers at each entrance to the Event (and send photographs of these posted disclaimers to RAVEN). 13.​ ​Complaints. Y​ou agree to address any complaints raised by persons in relation to an Event, and to forward those complaints to RAVEN as soon as practicable. If RAVEN considers that a complaint is well-founded, RAVEN may withdraw its approval for the Event or may take other actions that RAVEN considers appropriate. 14.​ ​Responsibility for Event.​ You acknowledge the following: a. RAVEN assumes no responsibility for organizing, promoting, or controlling the outcome of the Event; b. RAVEN is not responsible for any legal or financial liability howsoever caused before, during or after the Event; c. RAVEN will not provide You with funding or reimbursement for the Event; and d. unless RAVEN specifically agrees otherwise in writing, all expenses associated with the Event are Your sole responsibility. 15.​ ​Indemnity.​ You agree to indemnify and hold RAVEN harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interest, penalties and reasonable legal fees that may be incurred or suffered by RAVEN, which arise, result from or relate to the Event or the Event Organizer's performance.


    16.​ ​Approved Marketing.​ You agree to only use promotional materials for the Event that RAVEN has approved in writing in advance. You will not take any actions or use any marketing or communications efforts that may reflect poorly on RAVEN. 17.​ ​Disclosure Requirements.​ You must ensure that all promotional materials for the Event clearly disclose the following information: a. a statement that all net proceeds of the Event will be donated to RAVEN; b. Your identity, and the fact that You are a third-party fundraiser; c. how You are being compensated for the Event; d. the proportion of funds raised that are going to charitable work vs. event costs; and e. the following disclaimer: “The RAVEN name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company or individual. For more information about RAVEN please call 250-383-2331 or visit www.raventrust.com.” 18.​ ​No Misrepresentations.​ You must ensure that any promotional materials for the Event are not deceptive or misleading, or likely to deceive or mislead. For example, promotional materials must not misrepresent the geographic area in which RAVEN operates or the amount or type of work in which RAVEN engages.


    19.​ ​Calculating and Reporting of Proceeds.​ As soon as practicable after the Event, You will report to RAVEN the full amount of funds raised, as well as the net proceeds. In calculating the net proceeds, You may deduct from the total funds raised any reasonable receipted expenses that You incurred in conducting the Event and that RAVEN has specifically approved in writing in advance. 20.​ ​Delivery of Proceeds and Records:​ As soon as practicable after the Event, and in any case not more than thirty (30) days after You receive the funds raised, You will deliver the following to RAVEN: a. The net proceeds of the Event; b. Copies of receipts for any approved expenses that were deducted from the total funds raised; and c. A spreadsheet of donors/sponsors who require tax receipts, including the following information: the donor/sponsor name, address, e-mail address, amount of donation, and value of advantage received (if any). 21.​ ​Purpose of Funds.​ You agree not to use any funds raised through the Event for any purpose, except as set out in this agreement. You will not under any circumstances apply or convert said funds to Your own purposes. 22.​ ​Loaned Equipment. Y​ou will ensure that any materials You borrowed from RAVEN are returned promptly after the Event and in the same condition they were received. You agree to fully compensate RAVEN for damage or loss of any materials You borrowed from RAVEN.


    23.​ ​Recognition.​ RAVEN will provide sponsoring organizations or groups with appropriate recognition commensurate with the size of the gift in accordance with RAVEN's donor recognition policy. 24.​ ​Assignment.​ You will not assign, subcontract or in any other way transfer any of the obligations, duties or responsibilities under this agreement without RAVEN's prior written agreement. 25.​ ​Cancellation of Agreement.​ RAVEN reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time. If RAVEN chooses to cancel this agreement, You must still deliver all funds collected under this agreement to RAVEN within thirty (30) days of the date you receive them, unless RAVEN agrees otherwise in writing. 26.​ ​Entire Agreement.​ This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between You and RAVEN with regard to the subject matter of this agreement, and no amendment, modification or waiver of any of the terms or conditions herein shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by both You and an authorized representative of RAVEN.

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The Tar Sands Trial could set the most powerful precedent ever in a Canadian court. Take a stand so Indigenous Peoples can access justice and defend their treaty rights against rampant tar sands expansion. Become part of a powerful movement to put reconciliation into action. 

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